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Since 2013, we have been developing Juniors Read—a company dedicated to empowering Black girls through love, literacy and culture.
— Drs. Donovan and Mindelyn Anderson, Juniors Read LLC

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Izzie wants a mango high in a tree. and so does Annie.  Annie doesn't want to climb the tree, but Izzie sways her to help.  After reaching the mango, Annie doesn't want the mango after all.  Izzie says they must try it!  These two are twin sisters but far from being the same. 

MANGO IN A TREE is a humorous 793-word story about teamwork. The picture book manuscript features diverse, female characters with language that focuses on literacy. Recent articles on the lack of diversity (NYTimes) and the lack of female characters (Washington Post) in children’s books has made characters like Annie and Izzie essential.

Mango in a Tree Cover Art by Guy Wolek

The characters - Annie and Izzie

Annie and Izzie are fraternal twins.  Annie is super talented but sometimes hesitant to try new things.  When her sister Izzie supports her, Annie is her best self.  Izzie is always confident but sometimes cannot achieve her goals on her own.  When she works with her sister Annie, Izzie is her best self.

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